I am Muslim by P. A. Davies … what is it about?

View the video and find the answer.   The new novel - I am Muslim - is out now ...
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Absolution - P.A. Davies - Book Cover


ABSOLUTION is a cleverly plotted thriller in which we are witness to the atrocities of civil war in the Sudan ...
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Nobody Heard Me Cry - P.A. Davies - Book Cover

Nobody Heard Me Cry

An impressive, touching and heartbreaking story, based on true events and characters. Set in Manchester, this is Beth’s life story, ...
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The Good in Mr Phillips - P.A. Davies - Book Cover

The Good in Mister Philips

– This book contains explicit sexual content – Adult content 18+ -  A steamy detective novel filled with suspicion, intrigue ...
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George A Gentlemen of the Road - PA Davies - Book Cover

George: A Gentleman of the Road

An author and a homeless guy, what do they have in common? Not much, until eighty-year-old George reveals his fascinating ...
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Letterbox - P.A. Davies - Book Cover


Letterbox is strong, powerful, emotive. A harrowing novel about the 1996 Manchester IRA bombing – what a haunting tale and ...
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