A new promotion on all titles by P.A.Davies.
Terms and conditions.

The premise of the upcoming promotion, read-review-refund, is quite simple. Buy any title by P. A. Davies between 1st Dec 2019 and 31st Dec 2019, read it, review it and – once that review is live – get the cost of the book refunded*

However, even with the simplest of ideas, there has to be some rules; so here they are.

Please read them carefully before committing to any purchase.

Terms and conditions.

  1. Q) What will be refunded?
  2. A) The cost of any title(s) purchased less a small admin fee of 10% which is levied by PayPal. Also, due to the nature of this promotion, postage and packing charges will NOT be refunded.
  3. Example transaction:
    Title cost = £7.99
    Postage = £1.99
    Total = £9.98.
    Refund amount (following review)
    £9.98 – £1.99 (p&p) – 0.79p (PayPal charge @10%) = £7.20
  4. All titles must be purchased via the website using the corresponding PayPal link.
  5. No refund will be given if a title is purchased via any other third party outlet.
  6. Only one refund per title bought. For example, buying numerous copies of the same book and posting a review for that book will not result in numerous refunds; only one. However, buying different titles in the same transaction will result in a refund for all the titles purchased and subsequently reviewed.
  7. To claim your title refund, simply email the link of your live review to
  8. Each review must be live, verifiable and contain the date and name (username) of the reviewer.
  9. Refunds will only be made to the corresponding PayPal account of the initial purchaser.
  10. Unfortunately – due to the logistics – this promotion is only open to UK residents with a verified PayPal account.
  11. This is a limited time promotion.
  12. MJD Publishing retain the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion subject to any such changes being firstly announced via social media outlets.

* Please allow 7-10 working days for the cost of your purchase to be refunded.

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