A Christmas thought.

A Christmas thought.

  Christmas time it might be,but spare a moment’s thought,for those that might be on their own,with no one who ...
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A new poem by UK Author P.A.Davies. A change of mind

A change of mind.

The other day was full of glee,I even dressed my Xmas tree.Gazed upon it for a while,as memories grew to ...
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Night Garden

Nightfall sweeps across the sky,the day has past once more. I listen to the creatures stir,outside my own front door.  I ...
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I used to wish upon a star,not knowing it was way too far,to hear the things I had to say,yet ...
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Do You?

When you hear all the echoes of silence,and there’s nothing but darkness within. When the weight of the world seems eternally ...
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Why can’t people have their say and come together for a day, without the fools whose only thought, is bragging ...
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The Tree of Life

There are seven key elements to our very being, that the Tree of Life represents: Connection, strength, growth, uniqueness, rebirth, ...
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This Town

These broken streets around my home,I once was proud to call my own. Have now become so worn and grey.This ...
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No More Miracles.

Punch in your clock card to start a new day, a feeling it’s all deja vu.The radio spews its continuous ...
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With Love From

You hold me without even touching my skin. Your eyes so hypnotic they’re drawing me in.  Your smile so enchanting Your ...
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The Diminishing Blue Line

Twenty plus years I had a careerof putting my life on the line. Flying the flag on behalf of the ...
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When - a poem of realisation - Poem Image

When? A poem of realisation

When did I decide to swap my nights out for the telly?When was it acceptable to carry such a belly? ...
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When Sunday was Sunday - Poem Image

When Sunday was Sunday

The shops were all shuttered,with ‘Closed’ on the doors.A typical Sunday,before we craved more. Roads without traffic,stores without lines.Lie ins, ...
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Up On My Wall - Poem Image

Up On My Wall

Up on my wall, within a frameAre memories that keep me sane. And every time I’m feeling low It’s to ...
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Through My Eyes - PAD - Poem Image

Through My Eyes

A marbled mix of grey and green Oh what sights my eyes have seen. Cataloguing years gone by Photos stored ...
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SpSpringtime - PAD - Poem Image


This morning I opened my curtains and felt such a warmth in my heart For blue sky and sunshine did ...
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Hidden - Poem Image


The darkest place, a cold embraceerase the smile from off my face.Another day is drawn awaythe nights close in to ...
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The Disingenuous Ones - Poem Image

The Disingenuous Ones

Homelessness is becoming an epidemic on the streets of Manchester. But, whilst most of the homeless fraternity are genuine people ...
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The Impartation Poem Image

The Impartation

A poem dedicated to my storyteller... always in my heart I once met a fella, an old storyteller, who told ...
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M People - Poem Image

M People

Beyond the glass I’m looking through, People scurry back and to. Soldier ants that march in line, Stop for nothing, ...
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Some Days... - Poem Image

Some Days…

It feels like I’ve fallen through ice on a lake Black, gelid water, no chance of escape Desperate to breathe, ...
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The Manchester Bee - Poem Image

The Manchester Bee 🐝

  Bee prouder, bee taller, bee kinder, bee true. Bee loving, bee giving, bee nobody’s fool.   Bee gracious, resilient, ...
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The Critic with a Heart - Poem Image

The Critic With A Heart

I had a book which only took a day for me to read. I must confess, I’m self-obsessed with finishing ...
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The Meaning of Life - Poem Image

THE MEANING OF LIFE: According to me.

When you analyse the reason, When you sit and think it through, Our lives have much more meaning, Than what ...
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My Friends - Poem Image

My Friends

Lift me up when I fall down. Catch me if I start to drown. Find a ray of hope to ...
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Like. Comment. Share.

An Ode to Social Media Open my laptop and what do I see? People are sharing their whole lives with ...
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Me, Myself and I - Poem Image

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I I watch the days pass by me They flash before my eyes So many things to ...
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The Beatitudes of LIterature - Poem Image

The Beatitudes of Literature

The Beatitudes of Literature If Jesus gave his sermon Upon that mount today He’d preach a love of literature And this is ...
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Lost Poem - Image


Lost It’s hard to tell you how I feel I can’t explain, it seems unreal. When pieces wander from my ...
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Remembering the 70s - Poem Image

Remembering the ’70s

Remembering the ‘70s I was six at the start of this decade, By the end, I was into my teens ...
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Writers and Coffee Shops - Poem Image

Market Street – Manchester

Market Street - Manchester I sip on my coffee whilst watching the view of folk passing by on the street ...
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Domestic Violence - Poem Image

Was I Wrong?

Was I wrong? An ode to the victims of domestic violence Was I wrong to look the way I do? ...
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OdeAgainst War -Poem Image

An Ode to War

An Ode to War Nations rise and go to war, To settle all their ancient scores. O'er religion, land and ...
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My Day in Blackpool - Poem Image

My Day in Blackpool

My Day In Blackpool I walked along the prom today Saw donkeys on the sand Candy floss and "kiss me ...
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An Ode to Life - Poem Image

An Ode to Life

An Ode to Life I eat, I drink, I sleep, I breathe, I work, I play, I cry, I grieve ...
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What I'll Do For You - Poem Image

What I’ll Do For You

Here’s what I’ll do for you For my daughter  The things I will do I have put into rhyme, I ...
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Me at Fifty - Poem Image

Me at Fifty

Me at Fifty I looked in the mirror and what did I see? Some half-century bloke staring right back at ...
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Memories Of You - Poem Image

Memories Of You

Memories Of You You are my fondest memories Sweet like the smell of a new spring day Like the crystal ...
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The Wind - Poem Image

The Wind

The Wind Today the wind is quiet Not speaking, nor whispering. Yet it waits. It waits and it watches Not ...
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Thunderstorm - Poem Image


  Thunderstorm “Rain, rain, go away!” I’ve heard so many people say. But malice clouds that won’t be told, Do spit ...
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The Salesman - Poem Image

The Salesman

The Salesman Good day Sir, can I help you? Or are you looking round? This one is all the rage ...
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Visions Of A Sinner - Poem Image

Visions Of A Sinner

Visions Of A Sinner Hell opened its fiery gates and I stood before Death. Familiar voices beckoned, commanding me to ...
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The Life and Times The Life and Times of a Television - Poem Image

The Life & Times Of A Television

The Life & Times Of A Television I was sitting with my friends one day, All warm and quite content ...
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